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Bitcoin holds the potential to change the world but the majority of people today still don't understand why the paper in their wallet or a plastic card is accepted as payment around the world. Today you will gain that knowledge.

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Learn how easy it is to accept bitcoin in your business and how you can then use that bitcoin to build on the bitcoin economy. The benefits of accepting bitcoin far outway the short term risks.

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What you will learn

What is Money

Henry Ford said, 'It's better that people do not understand our banking & money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.' Isn't it time you understood what money is?

Barter Money System

We show you what the basics are to money, how it came to exist and how it evolved to became what it is today. Every purchase you make today is based on some very basic principles of trust.

Political Money

We show you where it all went wrong and why your wealth has been diminishing daily. The saying 'A fool and his money are soon departed' bodes well as over the last 100 years we have all been made fools of...Including the super wealthy, the poor and everyone inbetween.

Bitcoin Myths

Once you understand money, we can show you why Bitcoin will become the dominant currency of the future. You'll learn why you need to be involved early to capitalise on this opportunity and why even if you don't invest now, the future is better with Bitcoin.

Digital Money

We show you how Crypto currencies have evolved and what the future holds for them. Your future wealth could depend on the understanding of this information. We give you the keys. All you have to do is walk through the door.

Smart Money

It's no surprise the price of Bitcoin is growing so fast and the volatility can be frightening. We show you why the smart money is moving into Bitcoin regardless! Join the smart money and make the right choice. Your wealth continues to depreciate daily by the nature of our current money system.

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Must see videos

What they want you to know

This video and its corresponding website are probably the most well known source for information on Bitcoin. What it won't tell you is why now is the time to get involved.

How Bitcoins are created

There are many people who are in the 'gold rush' for Bitcoin. This video shows you how they go about mining or creating them. What it won't tell you is why they see so much value and consider the effort so worthwhile in creating a unique number.

Example pages from the book

Take a sneak peak at the first few pages of our ebook which focuses on the most important information surrounding Bitcoin, information that is often burried deep in long articles or rarely discussed in general public. We bring you the most important bits right to you in short, easily digestable, bitesize bullet notes. We wanted to get straight to the point as often as possible. It will take approximately 60 minutes of your time to read and understand, and if you haven't fully comprehended the consequences and potential by the end of the book, you have the forum for support and to ask questions to help you understand Bitcoin more completely.

This course will take less than 60 minutes of your time.

This course is not intended as an in-depth article or complete training but as a quick guide to help you understand the basic principles of money and hence bitcoin.

I encourage you to read and research your own information to make any informed decision regarding any trades you wish to make in bitcoin. Further material as well as further training and guidance is available within the private forum. Our view is that bitcoin is not a commodity but a currency or form of money used for the exchange of goods. We believe bitcoin will find price stability once it reaches closer parity with other currencies and greater inter-currency transactional volume.

Todays course

You will learn far more than the general public about the purpose and use of money. And with that knowledge you will have greater power to create the future you desire.


What is Money
Barter Money System
Political Money System
An overview of Bitcoin and its history
Digital Money System
Why the Smart Money is in Bitcoin
Spreading the message
Bitcoin Myths

All information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. cannot be held liable for any actions you take as a result of anything you read here. Conduct your own due diligence, or consult a licensed financial advisor or broker before making any and all investment decisions. Any investments, trades, speculations, or decisions made on the basis of any information found on this site, expressed or implied herein, are committed at your own risk, financial or otherwise.

Before we begin

To understand Bitcoin, you first have to understand how money came to be what it is today

This will help you to understand the true value of what you hold in your wallet and bank account and why their is value in bitcoin even when detractors say there isn?t.
You?ll also learn why people have confidence in bitcoin, why it isn?t a ponzi/pyramid scheme, a trick or scam.
This document tells you the truth of what bitcoin is and why you genuinely should be involved.
Once you?ve finished, you?ll want to tell friends and family. But it can?t be explained so easily as you?ll soon see. To truly understand it you can?t simply share the document as the act of purchasing it forms a core part of your understanding this knowledge. (Keep this in mind as you get closer to the end of the document).
Read it in full. Don?t skim. Be sure you understand the context before moving on to each section. If you?re stuck understanding something drop me a line on the forum.
This document is a simplification of what is a rather complex and detailed subject. But it is enough to provide you with a quick and easy understanding of the fundamentals.

What Is Money

Money has a long history and evolution but it is now clearly understood by a greater proportion of our wider society.
You can exchange one item for another and this is called Bartering - the value you agree for each item. i.e. 5 bags of grain for one cow.
Money is any means of facilitating barter transactions through a mutually agreed transfer of value that can be retained.
If you use an intermediary to make a barter exchange between several parties, you are using a form of money.
For example, if dried rabbit poo was the most prized item to behold in your ancient village, you may use poo droppings at the market square to buy a rug. The rug seller may use the poo to buy some bread and the bread maker may buy some bricks you make. In the end, you might get all your poo back. In a fair exchange marketplace, you would receive the equivalent value in rugs for the value of bricks you produced. The other parties also receive the same value of exchange.
Thankfully, poo isn?t very valued. But precious metals and gems were and still are highly valued and prized.
Money therefore can be considered any item used to transact which has store of value and buying power.
Buying power can be considered as the reach that an item has as a method of payment for goods.
Store of value can be considered an items ability to remain rare, in demand and non perishable.

Barter Money System

In this section you will learn:

I) What did people do before money
II) What were the first coins used and why
III) How did banks evolve
IV) How did debt become what it is today

This is a simplified version of the history of money. I have designed it to be quick to grasp the basic concept without going into too much fine detail. You can read more from the suggested books listed in the forum.

What did people do before money

In the beginning.... People worked for each other by offering their services or goods in return for another persons services or goods. i.e. The farmer gave eggs and milk to the thatch man in return for fixing his roof. This worked well for a time, but as communities and villages grew, it became inefficient as a form of trade between villages as it required a ?coincidence of wants?.

Markets grew between villages and townships bringing together merchants willing to trade goods in exchange for non perishable items such as precious metals and gems which were the hardest of all to come by, a good store of value and thus more prized. In China, Spades and Knives made of Bronze were used as a form of currency trade around 1000BC.

People used Gold, Silver and other easily transportable metals and gems measured in weight in exchange for other goods. A common fair price for the various metals and gems was often recognised and shared amongst traders. This worked for a time, but unscrupulous traders would mix their metals and gems with other materials - mixing gold with silver and other lower grade metals or even sand. (This can still happen today in the bullion market)

Choose a chapter

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    - Welcome & Intro
  • Section II

    - Before we begin
  • Section III

    - Barter Money System

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'Why Invest In Bitcoin' overview

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section I

What is Money - We give you a quick overview of what real money is and why we use it.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section II

Barter Money System - Before there were coins and paper money, there were other ways to pay. We show you a few.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section III

Political Money System - People have always wanted power over others & politicians are no different. 'Control through money' is where power traditionally sat.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section IV

An overview of Bitcoin and its history - There's a wealth of information. We break it down into bite-sized chunks.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section V

Digital Money System - It's all about trust and unwinding the ills created by our current money system.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section VI

Why the Smart Money is in Bitcoin - The information you won't find on any other website or in the news. You can't just jump to this section without first understanding money's history.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section VII

Spreading the message - Now that you've learnt Bitcoin and its true potential, you'll want to help get the message out.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Section VIII

Bitcoin Myths - There are plenty of myths around Bitcoin from Ponzi schemes to broken technology. We break down those myths.

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Messages from readers

Richard Dawkins

I've read so much about Bitcoin but nothing really told me why people were so keen or such detractors of the currency. After reading John's short and easy to read book I now know what all the fuss is about. I also know how I'm going to secure my kids future!


Intelligent and to the point. John understands what it means to change the world and believes that he's come to recognise the next shift in our society. I believe he has really understood what we are all looking for and why Bitcoin is so important to all of us.

Sally Davies

I'm not a big investor but I was curious why so many people are talking about bitcoin like it's the new gold. It wasn't until I read John's guide that I realised we've all been taken for a ride our whole lives. And so have my parents and grandparents! We came from a fairly wealthy family with a huge estate but since the early 1900's our wealth has gradually dissapeared. Living in my small two bed flat with two kids and both parents working, now I understand why. We've all been robbed!

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About the author


From a young age I was fascinated by our worlds mechanics and I had a dream to make those mechanics fairer for everyone. I believe most young people sense something isn't right with our world, but can't quite describe what it is. We watch movies showing utopian futures yet despite todays technology we have an incredible amount of poverty and lack whilst growing further apart in our ‘connected’ world.

With a great deal of research, I have come to understand what money is and how it has functioned across history. Currently, money does not serve its true purpose and the time for change is now. Those who are hard workers should be rewarded for their efforts. The system is inherently unfair to every individual & family on our planet. Without a fair system to all people, we will forever be held back to reach our full potential.


I have always had a keen interest in technology right from an early age. I built my first computer at 14 in 1990, then with my self-taught I.T. skills I gained some qualifications at my own expense. I went on to secure contracts at BBC, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, MTV and other large CAP companies to manage and develop large scale software rollouts, sometimes in excess of 20,000+ machines.

From their I began a conferencing business promoting Corporate Responsibility at age 22. This was after I gained an interest in Social Responsibility and became more aware of how our ‘system’ works on a daily basis, in business and in the world as a whole. Having worked in the I.T. industry boom years I was able to buy my first house at just 23.

At 26 I went on to study for an Airline Transport Pilots Licence after my passion for flying which was ignited by my private pilot father.

After my experience of building a conferencing business, I went on to start a marketing business in 2006 with my soon-to-be wife who has experience in communications. Together with my skills in project and operational management, within 2 years our business reached a annual turnover of $3m with a gross profit of 30% without any debt or banking financing.

Today, I continue to run a successful marketing agency along with various online e-tailer stores and make private investments in my other passion; classic and vintage cars. The most important thing I can say to you is to enjoy life and enjoy what you do. I love running my businesses and I'm passionate about making a better world for my family.